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Your Preferred Choice for High Quality Screen Printing

Nite Owl Promotions is well-known throughout the area for quality screen printing. This process is a complex yet effective method that works well on various materials, including T-shirts and fleece garments. First, finely-threaded mesh screens are coated with an emulsion and then dried in a dark room for several hours. Simultaneously, our artist creates images printed on transparencies that will eventually be “burned” into the screens. “Burning a screen” involves a specialized process of exposing to light the image and the screen together. Once on the production floor, the screens are “taped out” and made ready for the press. Squeegees push ink through the screen and onto the garment. We have mastered this process over many years, enabling us to handle both large and small quantity orders. In over 30 years, we have literally printed millions of images.

screen printing t shirt

We Offer More Than Screen Printing at Nite Owl Promotions

Vinyl/heat-pressed lettering and embroidery are great alternatives, especially for smaller orders. Both techniques provide a high quality means for customers wanting just a few items at a reasonable price. (One of the only downsides to screen printing is that it is not as cost effective for smaller orders.) Whatever the method, we are ready, willing and able to work with you on your next project.

The Benefits of Screen Printing

We’re big believers in screen printing, especially compared to other common methods – such as digital printing. Nothing compares to a screen-printed t-shirt created by a dedicated and passionate team. We care about the product we put out, and we want to make your merchandise look the best it can. The benefits of screen printing include:

Cost-Effective in Large Quantities

Screen printing requires us to fabricate a screen for each color used in a design. That is why it is best utilized for large orders. The more garments you order, the cheaper the cost per unit.

Easier to Print on Garments

It is hard to find a printing method for textiles as versatile and effective as screen printing. It simply is more affordable and longer lasting than any other method.

It Is Long-Lasting and Durable

One of the most important attributes of screen printing is that it can last an exceptionally long period of time. When a garment passes through our dryer, the high temperatures “set” the ink, creating a bond with the fabric that should last longer than the garment itself. With proper care (Hint: Do not use fabric softener) your screen printed garments should look sharp for years to come.

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